You're Lucky You Can't Smell

How many times have you been told you’re lucky you can’t smell?

I say we’d be lucky if we weren’t told this at all 😂

So many of us with anosmia have experienced this type of response, and it can leave us feeling uncomfortable. Like how do you explain you’d like the experience (and this is if you do), even if it includes bad smells. It’s almost as if this response dismisses this choice and the person saying this already made the decision for us. Is it even worth our time trying to explain?

I think deep down, people probably feel bad we can’t smell and by saying this it makes them feel less bad. They don’t want us focusing on what we’re “missing out” on and in a way, believe this is protecting our feelings. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, and at it’s core, this statement implies they mean well.

But, it’s time we raise awareness about how friends, family and people in general can communicate better with us. Responses such as the “you’re lucky” should be completely avoided. We’d rather hear responses like, “Oh, you can’t smell? That’s interesting! Can you tell me more about what that’s like? I’ve never been asked this specifically, but when I do, I’ll probably tear up a little  (aww so dramatic! But it’s true).

We anosmics would like to feel supported and it’s starts with something as small and simple as words. The next step would be actions…I’d like to normalize our close ones volunteering to ask if we need help with anything smell related. Can you imagine? This would definitely help increase our quality of life.

Anyways I think I’m getting a little too ahead of myself for a meme post hahaha. I LOVE memes so this is a nod to the classic drake meme. These memes have made me laugh out loud so many times, it was time to create the anosmia version.

With Love,
The Girl Who Cant Smell

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