When You Cant Smell and Flat Iron Your Hair

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Todays post is an actual tweet I found (I had to make sure to block their username out) because *cringe*.

Personally, I read this and couldn’t believe this person was being serious. Like why would she rather post this on a public platform instead of telling their anosmic coworker in private that her hair smells singed?

This is a major problem.

I understand the person who tweeted this seems to feel or believe they’ll hurt their coworkers feelings by telling them the truth and that’s totally valid. Many people feel awkward or don’t want to be the “bearer of bad news,” BUT if you can assist someone with a problem you clearly know they are unaware of…maybe you should help them?

I wanted to bring this tweet up because it’s time we discussed these types of situations as a community and educate our friends, family and coworkers how they can appropriately help us.

If you can’t smell would you want someone to tell you your hair smells bad?


If you can smell would you tell your coworker the truth?

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