Anosmia Survival Kit Webcomic # 6

Because I can’t smell, I’ve learned that I’m more prone to committing mistakes about how I smell. I’ve gone through some embarrassing situations you can read more about hereIn order to better prepare myself, I now carry the following items with me at all times:

My purse is really heavy LOL But my anosmia survival kit is there for me whenever I need it the most.

*You may wonder why I have a protein bar in there as well. I carry one because I usually forget to eat. Since I don’t have scents to remind me there’s food nearby, I’ll remember to eat only when I can hear my stomach growling, or see food right in front of me. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE food, but I’m not as enticed by it as people who can smell. If you have anosmia, do you also carry your own version of an anosmia survival kit? Let me know on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter

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