Anosmia Gifts Available on Teespring

Hi! So…you know how anosmia is more of a hidden condition and if we want to talk about it, it’s kinda awkward to just bring it up out of the blue? Or whenever we’re hanging out with friends and family they always forget and you just wish there was a way to remind them?

Well, say no more my friends! I’ve found a way to make it comfortable, unique and FUN and it starts with wearable and giftable products I  JUST launched on my Official Teespring store!

I’ve been hard at work creating designs on tees, mugs, sweatshirts etc.. that’ll best represent our anosmia and raise awareness.

Want A Mug That Literally Alerts Everyone That You Can’t Smell? 

Want To Share That You’re The Boss of  Your #anosmialife?

Want To Thank Your Designated Nose For All Of The Icky Smells They Smell For You 24/7?

 Whether you’re anosmic or know someone who can’t smell, visit my store and let me know what you think. You’ll find the perfect products to give to yourself or to your fave person who can’t smell. Happy Shopping!

P.S. . I’d really and I mean REALLY appreciate your feedback and requests. I’ll be posting new designs so check back often!

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With Love,
The Girl Who Cant Smell

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