"Those Sweet Moments" Webcomic #3

 I still remember this ladies face! I was riding the lightrail through downtown #phoenixarizona three years ago. My “deodorant failing” paranoia was in full force because that whole situation of me arriving to work sans deodorant and stinking up my workplace had just recently happened. I was still feeling embarrassed, worked up and a little defensive about it. 
Anyways, I was sitting down and this lady gets on the lightrail and stands next to me. Im minding my own business when all of a sudden, I see she has this really displeased look on her face (and it only keeps getting worse). In my head Im thinking “what the heck is this ladies problem?” I of course, started feeling a little uncomfortable…and you can bet thats when my paranoia kicked in. I started going through my mental checklist of horrors. “Oh no! Does my breath smell bad? Is it my underarms again? Do my feet stink?”
Im sitting there feeling awful, trying to comfort myself. “It’s only a few more stops.” My mind tells me. I feel better and move my eyes from staring down at the floor and I look up. I couldn’t believe what happened next! Its not until I see the lady reach into her purse and grab a sour candy that then everything made sense! A.SOUR.CANDY. LOL!

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