What's It Like Living With Someone Who Can't Smell?

Lately, I have found myself contemplating a lot of things. I’ve been on the road these past couple of weeks (I know I’m so sorry I hadn’t been posting!!! I promise I will never do that again!), and while I was away, I read my previous posts and I was able to learn a lot about myself I hadn’t noticed. Now one of the biggest things was knowing that of course, my blog has focused so much on my experience about being an anosmic. I’ve mostly focused on asking what it’s like to smell but, I forget that my significant other also has his own experience about me not being able to smell. I put myself in his shoes. I thought it would be funny to interview my S.O. about his take on what life’s been like living with me as an anosmic. Has this changed his life??? If so, in what way?? Has it been positive, or even negative?? Does it even matter? What about my cooking? Do my feet stink usually? I wanted to know! For today’s post, Im going to share with you a really interesting conversation between my S.O. and I.  The conversation felt like I was Oprah for a night!  Hope you enjoy it 😊

GIRL WHO CANT SMELL: Hello, how’s life??? Are you comfy on this couch? I brought some wine! Cheers! (I take a sip, okay more like a big sip).

GUY WHO CAN SMELL: Hey, hello! Thank you for the wine. Cheers!

GIRL WHO CANT SMELL: So, living with me…can you describe in three words what its like to be the only person who can smell in this relationship?

GUY WHO CAN SMELL: (Laughs nervously) Uhm, the wine hasn’t kicked in yet…Haha! Just kidding. But if I had to choose three words, I would say INTERESTING, WILD, and EDUCATIVE.

GIRL WHO CANT SMELL: Hmm, I like these words! Why did you pick these?

GUY WHO CAN SMELL: I picked interesting because it’s fascinating to watch you navigate this world missing one sense. To you, scents don’t make sense. The world is challenging enough, and not being able to smell puts a strain on your focus sometimes, but you still move forward. You still manage to live a regular life and not mope around about not being able to smell. Oddly, you also make me realize how lucky I am that I do have all of my senses. Its’ wild because of the things you make me smell sometimes LOL! It’s educative because I never knew people who cant smell existed, and I’ve seen you connect with so many other anosmics online and you are part of a great community.

GIRL WHO CANT SMELL: Wow, I agree! What’s been the wildest thing I’ve made you smell?

GUY WHO CAN SMELL: Do I really have to answer?


GUY WHO CAN SMELL: Your sweater that you were unsure of whether or not our dog had peed on it, and you failed to tell me until after I smelled it. Amongst other garments as well, by the way.


GUY WHO CAN SMELL: It’s okay! I like sharing my nose with you.

GIRL WHO CANT SMELL: What are some of the advantages, you think, of me not smelling that have helped our relationship?

GUY WHO CAN SMELL: Oh, I love that I can have beer breath and you don’t care. Other people are like, gross! Get this guy a tic tac! But you’re different, to you its like no big deal! Also, I have laid “silent but deadly ones”, and you’ve never been able to notice.

GIRL WHO CANT SMELL: HAHA Yes, I guess…Although I can tell from the loud ones what you did, but that’s for your gastroenterologist to examine.

GUY WHO CAN SMELL: (Stern face)

GIRL WHO CANT SMELL: HEHE. Anyways moving along to our next question. What else is an advantage?

GUY WHO CAN SMELL: Remember how back in the day, I used to work as a cook? I remember my coworkers would tell me their families were so annoyed they would come home smelling like chicken. They would have to take a shower first thing before they even said hello to them, and I didn’t have to do that.

GIRL WHO CANT SMELL: HAHA I think the other advantage too is that I’ve managed at least some healthy eating habits because you smelling like a delicious piece of chicken everyday would’ve not helped with my waistline! Which speaking about food…is there a difference in my cooking?

GUY WHO CAN SMELL: As far as taste, no. You’re a great cook! Which is also what I’ve learned about you. That even though the taste and smell senses are connected, you can still taste all of the different foods out there, but maybe at a different intensity? I don’t know what do you think?

GIRL WHO CANT SMELL: That’s also what Im not too sure about. I know I can tell the difference between sour, sweet, spicy foods, but my experience is probably not as intense as you. But, I make sure food isn’t too salty, which we both can detect.

GUY WHO CAN SMELL: See?? You’re interesting!

GIRL WHO CANT SMELL: (Blushes) Yes, it’s pretty cool. Anyways, so do my feet stink?


GIRL WHO CANT SMELL: Would you tell me if they did?



Girl Who Can’t Smell

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