The “Girl Who Can’t Smell” Interview On The Smell Podcast

The Smell Podcast Episode 4


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Spreading awareness about anosmia is one of the Girl Who Can’t Smell’s most important goals. I had the opportunity to connect with Katie Price, creator of the Smell Podcast. The Smell Podcast, An Amazing Podcast That Talks About Smell and Taste Disorders, and Includes Reader’s Stories, and Smell and Taste News, Featured Me, The “Girl Who Can’t Smell” On Today’s Episode! ? ? ?

You Can Listen Here:…/Episode-4—Interview-with-the…/a-a1ptlh

The Smell Podcast Is Available Also On Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

I’m So Thankful For This Opportunity. I Had A Great Time Answering Questions, If You Like The Episode, Make Sure To Subscribe!

❤️Nosmies, Thank You All For Reading and Listening. As Promised, I Will Be Setting Up A Giveaway Soon. So Stay Tuned ❤️!!

With Love,

Girl Who Can’t Smell