Anosmia Product Recommendations

What Are The Best Products For People Who Can't Smell?

As an anosmic, I am always looking for the best products that will help me smell my best. I will be including a series of products that I will review to find out whether or not they work in providing me and other anosmics with a solution to our odor problems. Click on each product picture on your left to read my reviews. Please Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Personal Care

SmartyPits Review
SmellRid Fart pads review for those with anosmia
Fart Pads
Be You CBD Holy Grail Tincture Anosmia Anxiety Review By The Girl Who Cant Smell

For Your Home

My Smelleze Pet Deodorizer Pouch Review By The Girl Who Can't Smell
Pet Odor Pouches


Nutrichef electric dual induction cooktop review Anosmia
Electric Cooktop
More Products Coming Soon...Stay Tuned!


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