Positive Things About Anosmia.

Can living with anosmia be a positive experience?

It certainly can be when you see this as an opportunity to truly reflect. I’m immersed in gratitude, resilience, self-awareness, knowledge, a truly supportive community and humor. Click on my link to read how I break each of these down in my post

It certainly can! Some of the best things about this condition I hadn’t discovered for the longest time and they are: 

GRATITUDE: I am first and foremost so grateful for all of my working senses and My AMAZING Designated Noses. 

RESILIENCE: I have realized I am stronger than I ever give myself credit for. Learning to adapt to scent-filled environments. 

SELF-AWARENESS: I’ve also learned so much more about myself: my unique needs and wants.  

KNOWLEDGE-I have learned more about how my brain, smell and taste senses work thanks to all of the awesome research being conducted by the best research organizations.  

COMMUNITY- Best of All, I’ve made so MANY amazing friends. Finally! I am able to talk about anosmia and my friends truly understand. We get to share our stories, discuss our pet peeves, and exchange life-changing tips. 

HUMOR-It’s also been great to poke fun at myself and smell mistakes. I know I am not lacking anything, I am A-OKAY just the way I am. 

What are some of the best things YOU’VE discovered about #anosmialife?

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With Love,
The Girl Who Cant Smell

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