Only God Nose Why Anosmia Poem

One of the the biggest reasons for creating The Girl Who Cant Smell was to connect with other fellow anosmics who know what #anosmialife is all about.

Today’s post is from an email I received from my new friend Michele Murphy aka “Grannywhocantsmell” from Dallas, TX.

Her anosmia poem is so awesome! When I first read it I couldn’t stop smiling! She made me laugh out loud!

Thank you Michele for your awesome submission!

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Full Text:


I finally found a website…about a girl who cannot smell

Now I feel I’m not alone…There’s more like me as well.

When you lose one of your senses…It only leaves you four

To know I’ll never smell again…just makes me worry more.

I worry ’bout a fire at night…Cuz smoke won’t wake me first

And knowing I won’t smell it…Just makes it so much worse.

The only good side to it…Is when I stop and think

I may not smell like roses..but I know my shhh! don’t stink!!!

Written by “Grannywhocantsmell”

AKA Michele Murphy – Dallas, TX

With Love,
The Girl Who Cant Smell

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