Monit's Smart Diaper May Help Anosmics With Diaper Duty

Monit Smart Diaper
Credit: Monit

…So I came across this article and now I am like ready to start a family. LOL! JK

I think one of my biggest concerns/questions when I was growing up about being a potential mom who can’t smell was how the heck would I be able to tell whether or not my baby has peed or pooped their diaper.  I’ve always questioned if I would have to be constantly checking on their diaper and imagined how overwhelming it would be. Poor baby would grow up having diaper rash 24/7.

But! Looks like technology is keeping up with anosmia? I LOVE this concept. The new “smart diaper” invented by a Korean startup company Monit is where it’s at!. I  know a lot of future anosmic moms-to-be will find a great solution and totally boost their confidence as caretakers with this.

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