Introducing The Girl Who Cant Smell

Hey Everyone! It’s Yazz aka The Girl Who Can’t Smell. Welcome to my page! Do you know anyone who can’t smell? If not, well now you do! I only have 4 out of my 5 senses. Yes, it’s true! Not being able to smell is called anosmia. I started this blog in order to share what it’s like not being able to smell. My number one goal is to raise awareness about this invisible disability and connect with others who also have this condition. Whether you too are an anosmic, or have a friend or loved one with this condition (and want to support them), I want to continue creating valuable and entertaining content that helps YOU.

What Does The Girl Who Can’t Smell Do?

I’ve been slowly creating a community where anosmics have an opportunity to express and relate their experiences living with anosmia. Anosmia is so rare it can make you feel as though you’re the only person on this planet who has it! I know a lot of anosmics struggle with and have a difficult time coping with this condition too, so I focus on creating content with lots of humor. I LOVE making others laugh! Most importantly, I care about my community being able to identify with me (and each other) and feel something special from my work.

You’ll find I have a library of creations. I provide engaging articles, tips, funny memes, and personal stories. I produce a weekly podcastYouTube videos, and educational content, with additional future surprises in store!

What’s The Big Deal With Not Being Able To Smell?

Anosmia causes several safety and quality of life issues. Because we cannot detect smells, we are in constant danger of being exposed to fire and gas related hazards. We are also more prone to getting sick by consuming spoiled foods. Anosmia can also negatively affect one’s mental health and emotional wellbeing. There is a high correlation between being anosmic and suffering depression (along with social anxiety). More research is absolutely needed in this area since, many anosmics report these feelings based off their personal experiences. But, like other disorders, this type of research first begins with awareness.


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