If You Can Smell Me, Please Tell Me...

These are some of the most direct words someone with anosmia (aka no sense of smell) might say.

On June 8th, I had the opportunity to cohost Fifth Sense UK’s second ever Congenital Club meeting…and let me tell you, it was really awesome connecting with so many fellow CA’s. We had a chance to share our stories and discussed a variety of topics ranging from our sense of taste to our food and drink preferences.

One important point that was also discussed and that I want to make sure I highlight here was how many of us are concerned (or have been concerned) with our inability to tell independently if we smell bad when we’re around others.

Which personally, has been my biggest worry as a congenital anosmic.


It can be frustrating when your Designated Nose isn’t nearby and those who are around you are too embarrassed or feel uncomfortable pointing out any bad smells coming from you.

This is why when I saw what Nicole B.  wrote in the meeting’s chat, I very much resonated with her. She wrote:

“If you can smell me, tell me.”

And I said “Bingo!” (while nodding my head in agreement). I LOVED her quote! Not only does it rhyme, but it is exactly what anyone, especially our Designated Nose can do to help if you have this concern. It’s courteous.

I quickly messaged Nicole and asked her if I could commemorate her quote in a post. She was so nice to agree and now I’m sharing it with you.

What do you think about having anosmia and being unable to smell yourself? Does this bother you or affect you at all?

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With Love,
The Girl Who Cant Smell

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