Happy Anosmia Awareness Day 2021

Today is OUR DAY!!

Did You Know Anosmia Awareness Day Was Founded By A Young Man Named Daniel Schein? AAD Was Launched Back In 2012, “As A Way Of Bringing Together Everyone Interested In Anosmia, Encouraging Research And Spreading Awareness.”

Today’s Official Website, Anosmiaawareness.Org, Was Created For Anosmics By Anosmics And Serves As A Central Hub, Where Anosmia Resources Are Pooled And Organized For The Anosmia Community, Their Supporters, Researchers And Anyone Wishing To Learn More.  

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How Awesome Is That? And The Fact That Anosmia Is Officially Recognized Now Is So Important For All Of Us Within The Anosmia Community.

 I Truly Am Very Thankful To Daniel!

Through Is Vision, He Has Changed My And Countless People’s Lives Worldwide. He Is A Pioneer And I Am Extremely Appreciative For All Of His Hard Work.

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With Love,
The Girl Who Cant Smell

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