Do You Ever Wish You Could Smell?

Smelling  is probably awesome. But, I would’nt know. Like all things in life, I’m pretty sure it has its Pros and Cons. Throughout my life, I have pondered whether or not I could be trusted with this sense. I’m going to go ahead and agree that I could be, just so I seem really confident. But, even if I were to be trusted, would I want this “super power?”

Let’s analyze this question with a more in depth perspective. I’m going to break down what I think are both the pros and cons of this human feature:


I would know if I have B.O.

I wouldn’t need to spend so much on gum/breath mints.

I can buy perfume for my loved ones and not allow them to feel pressured to put some on in front of me and bear smelling like skunk for the rest of the day.


Smell farts.

Smell my love’s farts (and almost face disenchantment, LOL)

Smell the animals at the zoo.

Smell my burning hair and really notice its’ destruction when I flat iron it.


Gathering data……


One moment please…………………



After thoroughly examining the best and worst case scenarios, my findings are still inconclusive. But, that will change. I promise!

To Be Continued…..