Dear Anosmic

Dear Anosmic,

Hi, my name is Yazz aka Girl Who Cant Smell and I’m here today, because I want to let you know that you are not alone.

As a congenital anosmic  I understand what its like to experience life without smell.  Growing up, there were many times I felt lonely, isolated, like I didn’t have anyone I could talk to or relate to. Because it is an invisible condition, I felt mostly misunderstood by my own friends and family who simply weren’t aware.

My wish is for you not to experience this and that you feel 100% supported in your own anosmia journey.

Anosmia is such a unique condition, that it requires unique ways of adapting. Personally, it’s taught me how to be resilient and that I can ultimately choose to appreciate it’s pros more than it’s cons. I like to say that Anosmia is my superpower. I like to think that because I can’t smell, life doesn’t stink. Its a nice bonus to know we can help our friends and family in our own very unique way.

I’m glad you are here. The anosmia community welcomes you. We promise to always offer our support and listen.

Fifth Sense UK's Public Ambassadors Understand

Based in the UK, Fifth Sense supports people across the world, and is the first charity providing direct support, advice, and a signpost to potential diagnosis and treatment.

If you’re affected by a smell or taste-related disorder (such as anosmia) become part of our community. It’s Free!

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Featuring Frauke Galia @falkaromatherapy, Sharika Bivens, Charlie Atkins @smellyounever Dia Kline and Me Girl Who Can’t Smell

Special Acknowledgment to Sharika Bivens from My Anosmatic Life For Creating This Video.

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With Love,
The Girl Who Cant Smell

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