Congenital Anosmia Meetup

Our First Ever Congenital Anosmia Meet Up was a Success!

Our amazing event happened yesterday and it was so much fun! I was soooo nervous and a bit emotional seeing it happening in real time.

We touched on so many topics that affect us and got the chance to discuss them with one another. Taste was a big topic and so were our stories of how we first realized we can’t smell.

The funny jokes and relatable comments in our chat were hilarious! Leslie D commented that once covid is over, we should make it a goal to meet in a stinky place! 😂

All in all, It was a wonderful and inspiring experience!

We all felt the much needed connection and support.

Thank you Fifth Sense for making it possible!

P.S. Did you miss out? This is the first of a continuous schedule of monthly meetings. Stay tuned and follow me to be the first to hear of our upcoming dates and times!

Talk to you soon!

With Love,
The Girl Who Cant Smell

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