College Life: What do you get when you have a passive aggressive roommate and a girl who can’t smell? DISASTER!

Hello folks,

For this week’s topic, I’m going to discuss the issues between olfies and anosmics and what happens when they live together. For starters, its not all fun and games. Many olfies are insensitive to our incapability of processing the “real” world, especially when it comes to social factors as in bad smells. They say “oh, you left the beans on for too long…and it stinks…” Well you know what?? SORRRYYYYY!!!!!  “Oh, you didn’t pick up the dogs sh@@@@@….” “Well you know what?? SORRYYYYYYY!!!!” “Well you didn’t take out the trash!” “Well you know what??? SOORRRRYYYYY!!!! Sometimes I feel like its too overwhelming and people who are living with us  should be a little extra cautious to our feelings and react accordingly. I love my roommate,, but they can be a bit too sassy when it comes to smells. I would love to be able to cater to your insensitivity to know that I can’t smell, but guess what? It does not  always work that way. Im just grateful that I’m able to see..and touch and hear and taste. Thank You Life! BTW, college life is a time for learning, for experimentation…. And guess what? There are people who are different from you. Life does not revolve around catering to your  entitlement. Life is so diverse…and that’s what makes it beautiful. The GIRL WHO CANT SMELL appreciates everyone and everything that is included in her life…thank you for reading.