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Breaking Anosmia News: Young Woman Can Smell After Covid?

Breaking Anosmia News!

Reports have confirmed that a 25 year old woman who had NOT previously been able to smell…is NOW ABLE to smell after recovering from Covid.

Yes, You Heard That Correctly!

Nancy Simpson, from London, reported being able to smell for the first time ever while self isolating in her room during the Christmas Holiday last year.

The surprising discovery has been labeled as “fascinating” by Dr. Jane Parker, a taste and smell expert at the University of Reading.

Ms. Simpson says she very much enjoys smelling fruits, candles, and perfumes now.

She is the first reported case of it’s kind.


What Are Your Thoughts On This Report?

I for one, am completely speechless and very intrigued! Send me a DM on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. @girlwhocantsmell

With Love,
The Girl Who Cant Smell

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