Anosmia Research and Support Donations

Anosmia Research and Support Donations

Christmas Day is technically over BUT guess what? The spirit of gift-giving is still alive!

Look, I’m not one to humble brag usually but, something happened today that is so surreal… I REALLY want to share it with you. As most of you may already know, I’ve been posting about my #anosmialife on my website over the past 5 years. Raising awareness about anosmia has been my key purpose but it’s also been with the hopes that it could help shine a spotlight on increased, future smell and taste research.

As a congenital anosmic (and I only speak for myself when I say this), I would really like to one day know what it’s like to smell.

Yup, and as a budding blogger my initial contribution to anosmia research was limited. It consisted of solely being a voice and creating anosmia-themed content (that I know you love hehe).

Which… is a great start, but I always wanted to do more.

But, what exactly is this “doing more” you ask?

Well, to officially donate on behalf of our community and give back to anosmia research and support of course! 

Which…brings me to my happy announcement.

Today is a special day, as it marks one of the greatest milestones for Girl Who Can’t Smell and our community.

Our first DONATION to two of the most outstanding organizations centering around smell and taste disorders!!! *Champagne pop*

And the best part? These donations were made entirely possible because of YOU! All of your likes, shares and purchases have really helped Girl Who Can’t Smell grow. Since their launch, a generous portion of every sticker and product sale from my Online, Etsy and Teespring stores has been designated for anosmia foundations that specialize in providing research and support.


This year, the two organizations that have been gifted are The Monell Center (based in Philadelphia, USA) and Fifth Sense (based in the UK).

The heartfelt contributions were provided just today and I still can’t believe it was possible. Woohoo!

I have a soft spot for both Monell and Fifth Sense. They were the first formal resources offering anosmia information and support that I was able to find when first looking up the term anosmia years ago. Both made me feel understood and less alone in my struggles as an anosmic. They have honestly changed the course of my life. I am grateful for their existence and for all of the hard work that they do in advancing anosmia awareness and research.

Have you given yourself a pat on the back yet? Because great job! Together, we are crushing our anosmia awareness and donation goals!

P.S. If you too would like to make a direct donation, please visit

Have you ever donated towards anosmia research and support? Let me know on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter! @girlwhocantsmell

With Love,
The Girl Who Cant Smell

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