Anosmia in SXSW?

Omg! Guess what??? I applied to present as The Girl Who Can’t Smell during next year’s South By Southwest festival! EEEKKKK!!!!

I submitted a PanelPicker Proposal titled “Anosmia Is My Superpower: Life Without Smell and it’s NOW available on the SXSW website.

Proposals are chosen based on many factors, BUT If you’d like to show your support you can vote for mine here:

How do you vote? It’s super easy! Click on the link in my bio. Look for the UP arrow on the left hand side of the proposal website and register for an account.

With your help, I’ll be introducing attendees to the invisible, yet very real world of anosmia. Focusing on inclusivity and amplifying the much-needed conversations concerning official diagnosis, research and understanding. I’ll be sharing my anecdotes and discussing the physical dangers and social implications of anosmia life. Most importantly, I’ll be offering friends and family who know someone who can’t smell, helpful tips on how they can be their best version of a #designated nose.

Be a part of this exciting moment for anosmia awareness. Cast your vote today 😊 Let’s raise awareness about anosmia together!

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With Love,
The Girl Who Cant Smell

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