"Anosmia Deodorant Problems" Webcomic #9

My Deodorant Snafus

I walked in to work one day smelling like armpit (Ha! I know! Read the full story here: https://girlwhocantsmell.com/smartypits-review/). I had forgotten to apply deodorant that morning because I was running late.

Ever since that day, I became more self-conscious about not being able to smell. I had reoccurring episodes where I’d psych myself out to the point where I was a little too paranoid of smelling bad and I’d randomly question whether or not I wore deodorant that morning.

AAAAHHhhH! Panic mode activated too many times.

Thankfully, thankfully I don’t have that problem anymore. I learned to chill out and carry a deodorant on me at all times (I like to use SmartyPits brand btw).

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