Anosmia Decorated Starbucks Cups

I love coffee so much I ended up decorating my reusable Starbucks cups and now they’re anosmia themed LOL!

I made two designs:

Wake Up And Not Smell The Coffee

Anosmia Starbucks Cup For Sale Etsy


Anosmia Is My Superpower

What do you think? I even has my name on the side!!!

I’m staying hyped by adding my cold brew and iced coffee in this cup.

It’s definitely my favorite!

Would you like to have your own personalized cup?

Anosmia Starbucks Cups Sale Etsy

I’d Love To Make One For You! They’re available now….BUT! For a limited time only (until sold out)!

Place your order on my Etsy shop.

Talk to you soon! Also make sure you connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter! @girlwhocantsmell

With Love,
The Girl Who Cant Smell

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