Anosmia Awareness Week Was A Success

Hello Friends!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!! For such an AMAZING Anosmia Awareness Week! Wow! I am so proud of everyone in our community. We really did make this year the best one yet!

A special thank you to everyone who downloaded and shared the “I Support Anosmia Awareness” graphics (in English, Spanish, and Portuguese).

I support Anosmia Awareness Pic Purple Version For Instagram Created by Girl Who Cant Smell
I support Anosmia Awareness Pic Teal Version For Instagram Created by Girl Who Cant Smell

Also, to everyone who participated in the “Tell Me Your Anosmic” contest with Charlie Atkins @smell_you_never Secret Sticker and The Sniff Test Kit Giveaway!

Our lucky winners were ecstatic to find out they won!

Super special thanks as well to everyone who hung out and to @elilu72 & @brandonswift94 for sharing their anosmia stories on my IG Live.

I’m also SUPER Stoked that everyone has been using the “Anosmia Nose” effect on Instagram and Facebook!

This is the FIRST EVER anosmia themed filter! (which is so much fun to play with!).
I will be launching a few more btw, So stay tuned!!

Also, super super special thanks and a big hug to my Fifth Sense Public Ambassador friends for all of their support and for making the #SmellySneakerChallenge.

What an AMAZING Time!!!

AAD was a total success!!! But remember, anosmia awareness day does not stop on February 27th, Let’s continue our awareness efforts everyday!

What was your favorite part about Anosmia Awareness Week? Let me know on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter! @girlwhocantsmell

With Love,
The Girl Who Cant Smell

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