Anosmia and Snacking


Today I’m going to talk about one of my all-time favorite things to do: Snacking. Snacking, for me, (besides going to music festivals) is the best! Snacking makes me feel alive… Snacking is my best friend. Snacking takes my gratitude for life to the next level. Snacking is honestly, one of the best gifts we have in life. The variety of snacks we can snack on are tremendous. You feel like something sweet? Then snack on a cupcake. You feel like something crunchy? Then snack on some nachos. The possibilities are delicious!

Although many of my friends, loved ones, strangers (uber driver) question whether I can taste after I tell them I can’t smell, I can. Anosmics can taste even if we can’t smell. Which is why I love to snack, I love using my sense of taste.

Anyways, I was recently snacking, (of course I was) and I figured out something very peculiar about my snacking habits. The snack I had in front of me wasn’t just any type of snack. It was a favorite; a pioneer, spearheading my snacking style. What was it I was snacking on you ask? What type of snack would prompt me to write an entire post about it? First of all, my answer is part of a realization about the type of snacks I like.  As I took a really long look at my snack (because my snack looked so yummy and delicious) I realized something: I’m a Salt-aholic! Yes, I’m a salty snack type of snacker who snacks on salty snacks all day, everyday!

More specifically, your friend, The Girl Who Can’t Smell loves spicy snacks. My snack of choice is (drumroll please….) chips and salsa! Yes, this was the snack I was snacking on after I realized it wasn’t just any mindless, available snacking snack. I had been munching on chips and salsa for five days straight last week! I love the first moment I dip my crunchy chip into a delicious bowl of super spicy salsa. I love how after I take the first crunch, my top and bottom teeth meet (I hear “crunch”) and I can taste a flow of heat throughout my mouth. It’s like an explosion, a blast of flavor! I seriously imagine my life as if I were in a cartoon where the whole scene is in black and white but I after I take the first crunch everything turns into color. Speaking of color, you can bet your pants my face has turned red after this first crunch haha and there’s probably smoke coming out of my ears. But, I don’t care! To me, this is the best feeling in the world. Chips and salsa are like the best snack ever!

In my observation, It probably makes sense that since I can’t smell, I may be overutilizing my sense of taste. Overcompensating perhaps? I haven’t read any research on this matter, but I’d like to ask all of my readers this peculiar question. As an anosmic, do you have a snack that exhilarates your taste buds that to others may seem extreme? I’ve had other snack binges such as sour gummies, even tamarind but I’m curious. Let me know in the comments or on FB, IG, or Twitter.

With Love,

Girl Who Can’t Smell

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