Anosmia and Pets

Do you have anosmia and pets?

Pets are one of the biggest blessings in life. I love my pets. In fact, I have two little wiener dogs that drive me absolutely crazy! Now, even though my eyes sparkle and fill with love every time I see them, I know not being able to smell them can cause a lot of #problems!!!

For starters, my place probably stinks. These little critters have probably peed in places I don’t even know to clean regularly. For example:

“One day I drank a bunch of coffee and decided to do some spring cleaning. I put on my yellow, “lets get down to business” cleaning gloves and grabbed some disinfectant wipes. I started cleaning my coffee table, and found a spot that looked like sticky goo on the side of one of my table’s legs. I scratch on it and think to myself, “what is this?” I scooped enough and smeared it against a white paper towel. The color was as yellow as my gloves. I put two and two together and realize its probably old, dry pee! I move to checking underneath my couch and yep…you guessed it another little dried up puddle of pee! At this point I am like a detective thinking where else my little stinkers would pee…so I go to my fake palm tree. I wipe it and its also yellow with pee!! If you were to see me right now, my face is bright red and my hairs are looking like they were zapped with an electric current of stress. No pun intended, but I am pissed! “

They are so sneaky when it comes to marking their territory! All of their little mishaps equal a lot of embarrassing situations for me too.  Is this why my family doesn’t like to come visit that often? LOL.

My other issue is their obsession with sitting on anything that smells like me. While I admire their love for me, the fact that they will sit on my clothes if it falls on the floor is no bueno. I actually had my sister tell me one day that I stank like dog all because I was running late and picked up my shirt off the floor (that I thought was clean) and forgot that my dogs probably sat on it first. This is also true for my yoga mat. I try to exercise once in a while (keyword: once in a while) and of course, every time I unroll it, their little hairs are all over it, which means they made themselves comfy on it. Exercising is great and all, but after working out I must smell of an interesting combination: sweat and dog. I bet my GUY WHO CAN SMELL loves that. LOL

One other social problem I can point out is when my dogs and I love to hang out at the park. The problem is other people also like to hang out at the park. Im not biased, but my dogs are really cute and they get a lot of attention. I’ve noticed people of all ages get a little chuckle out of seeing them because my wiener dogs look just like that, little weenies (little fat weenies). I’ve had people come up to me and ask if they can pet my dogs and I gladly say yes. But there have been some occasions when someone has asked to pet my dogs and their face changes from a normal color with a smile to a green face of disgust!!  My deductive reasoning quickly makes me think that my dogs probably reek! LOL I had one lady one time tell my male dog, “oh dear, you’re a little stinker!” and that was her being nice. Which is the last point I wanted to discuss about having anosmia and pets. I can’t tell when they need a bath or if they have bad breath.

What about you??? Do you relate to any of my experiences? Tell me all about it! You can also tweet me @girlwhocantsmell or send me a message on Facebook, and Instagram.

With Love,

The Girl Who Can’t Smell

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