My Embarrassing Anosmia and College Class Story

So, like every other responsible and hardworking nosmie out there, I too went to college. College was an interesting time for the Girl Who Can’t Smell. Not only because I didn’t know what to expect, but because it was a culture shock, to say the least. Add anosmia to the mix and I pretty much…well just keep reading.

One of the experiences that I still think about till this day, happened when I first started off on my pursuit of higher education as a transfer student. Coming from a small community college, I decided to expand my horizons and attend one of the largest universities in the world (for a quick change). This university is in Arizona, by the way. Specifically, in Phoenix. If you’ve ever visited this area, you know this place is hot. Extremely hot. Like, everyone takes pride that you can cook an egg on your car hood type of hot.

Anyways, it’s my first day of classes. I’m nervous, but also excited. I remember almost everything about this day. It was perfect! The weather had been confusingly cool during the earlier part of the morning, and I used this deceiving comfort as a basis in determining what I would wear on this special day. I decided on a black and white stripped top and paired it with my favorite black skinny jeans. I had always been a “flip flops wearing” type of girl, but since I wanted to top off my stylish outfit, I decided to wear my brand new black flats.

I get to school and wander around trying to find a campus map. I find one and realize my class is all the way across campus. Ok. I can’t even see the building where my class takes place from where I am. But that’s ok. Then, I look at my schedule and surprise! My class starts in 10 minutes. 10 flippin minutes! I start to quietly panic. I then realize I’m in between a large mob of people heading towards me in all sorts of directions. Help! Everyone else is also trying to make it to their class on time.

So, I’m trying to hurry now, sprinting across campus dodging people left and right. Meanwhile, I feel the sun violently hitting my face. Did the clouds suddenly decide to leave and go to class as well? I felt time hadn’t even passed and now the weather had abruptly changed to uncomfortably hot. I see everyone else in tank tops and shorts, and I start feeling dizzy and like I’m overheating. I keep half walking and half running and I start sweating profusely (I feel sweat trickling down my face all the way down to my feet). Ewww!!! First thing I try to remember: Did I wear deodorant? (Something every anosmic asks themselves everyday) Yes! Phew!!! Anyways, I’m moving fast, and one of my flats starts feeling loose. I almost slip, but keep sprinting. I start feeling hot concrete underneath my foot. Wait! People! I lost one of my flats. One of my Fake.Leather.Plastic flats. I stand by a bit for the herd of students to clear up so I can sweep in and rescue it from the walkway.

I finally make it to class. Thank goodness! OMG, and there’s AC! I scan the room, but notice there’s only one desk available. Of course, it’s the seat nobody wants at the front and center. The professor had already begun their lecture and I quickly devise my plan to make my way through the back row, careful not to cause too much distraction. I try to inch my way through the narrow aisle as I’m trying to avoid hitting anyone in the face with my bag or knocking any items off people’s desks.

Ugh, I am now able to sit down and take a deep breath. But wait, I feel someone poke my shoulder. I turn around , and see the guy behind me. He’s handing me a sheet so I can sign to prove my attendance. I lock eyes with him, but not in a romantic way. l see his expression and know right away, there was something wrong. This guy was totally giving me the stink eye (no pun intended). I feel my feet rest against my flats and I feel as though they’re swimming in sweat. I realize that there’s probably a stench coming in all the way from my feet to his nose!

Fifteen minutes later, the teacher announces we’ll be forming groups so we can begin a team building project. She randomly assigns numbers and who do I get? Stinkeye Steve. This was the Worst. Day. Ever. Needless to say, I dropped out of that class really quick, the next day.

Anosmia Problems

Ugh! I swear my anosmia has been a burden for me in a lot of situations. Don’t get me wrong, I like that I don’t have to deal with unpleasant scents in general, but this also means that if I’M AN unpleasant smell I can’t smell myself and deal with the issue accordingly.

This is the reason why I call my anosmia my frenemy. It’s like it has my back sometimes, but then it doesn’t. I envision my anosmia looking like someone who likes to wait for you to pass by a corner so they can scare you or pull a prank.

This day was so weird, but I made it through! Sometimes I think back and feel as though I may have been a little too dramatic, but honestly there were 2 other factors that made me decide I didn’t want to take this class anyways. In any case, it’s made for a funny story. I like to think of it as another awesome anosmia adventure.

What do you think about all of this? Has your lack of sense of smell caused you to go through some embarrassing situations? Let me know on Facebook or via DM on Instagram.

With Love,

The Girl Who Cant Smell

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