Anosmia and Food Poisoning

Food Poisoning anosmia post reads: If I actually said how often I experience food poisoning, no one would believe me except other fellow anosmics

Food poisoning is definitely one of the biggest issues we as anosmics face.

When I first started living independently, I experienced so many stomach aches due to food poisoning. It was extremely important for me to save money so eating leftovers was always a thing.

Not having anyone around to ask if my leftovers smelled fresh was a problem. I constantly had to risk my well-being by only relying visually if my food looked safe enough to eat.

Man, was this a struggle.

Of course, I have my own Designated Nose now and being able to count on them has really increased my quality of life. I will be forever grateful to them (I hope everyone has a DN in their life they can trust too. This is and will always be my #1 anosmia tip.)

Food poisoning is no joke so make sure you stay safe. If you’re leftovers look slimy (lettuce spoils quickly) clunky, or off color it’s better to just throw them away.

Stick to foods that dont perish too quickly. I like keeping dried fruit and nuts handy, pastas, rice,beans (food I can cook quickly).

I hope these tips help you lessen your chances of food poisoning. I’ll be going more in depth in a separate post soon too.

What do you do to help ward off this problem?!

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With Love,
The Girl Who Cant Smell

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