Do People Who Can’t Smell Enjoy Coffee?

While I can’t answer this question on behalf of every anosmic out there, all I can certainly say is that I LOVE it! Coffee is one of the reasons why I believe life is so great. I look forward to drinking coffee every day. I kid you not, I have to have at least three cups of it every morning.  What is it that I love about it, though? I mean, I can’t smell its awesome aroma, (and I most certainly won’t be woken up by it’s smell like that popular coffee brand commercial that showed people jumping joyfully out of bed because someone was happily brewing some back in the 80’s) but, I really appreciate it’s taste and effect.

If you must know, I tend to drink my coffee black and I do this on purpose (no, it’s not because I want to seem tough or because I’m a serial killer). I like to appreciate it’s bitterness and experience it without any other distractions (so no creamer or sugar for me). Wow! It’s that deep nutty, kinda dark chocolatey, muddy rich taste. It’s just such a delight! I like to pair it with something extra sweet like a date fruit in order to create a contrast and give my taste buds some zing. I sip my coffee and then bite into the date fruit back and forth almost as though it’s a symphonic melody that fills my heart with bliss.

Coffee is a powerful thing. It’s a powerful sensation. As someone with anosmia, I would rather not be able to smell it, but feel its effects versus being able to smell it but not be able to feel a caffeine rush. For me, there’s really nothing else like it. It’s that perfect reminder of what it feels like to be alive all in a cup.

 What you do have to remember though, is that coffee commands respect. I have to be careful because there have been times when I’ve had way too much to drink and it felt awful! I’ll never forget this one time when I started feeling extra jittery and shaky. I think I drank almost a total of 7 cups that day. It was crazy! I felt as though my heart had dropped and I was feeling really light headed. I stood up from my chair and suddenly, my heart was racing. I felt disoriented and as though I was going to pass out. I quickly downed a bottle of water and had to take in some deep breaths in order to shake off the excess effects.

Phewww! That was a rush. If you’ve ever been zapped with an electrical shock, you might know the feeling. It’s the closest other experience I can compare it to, and while I recommend people live life to the fullest, both these situations are not what you should have in mind.

Anyways, going back to my point about how it makes me feel, I think that because I can’t smell it, my body can appreciate the other ways it can process it. It’s funny because people like to ask if any other of my senses are heightened and after analyzing how much I enjoy coffee’s effects, I can say my sense of touch is more present. I’m probably more aware of how I physically (and emotionally) feel compared to others. Feeling the wind against my hair and sun bathing are so pleasant for me. Don’t get me started on how much I enjoy a great back rub or the feeling of water against my skin while swimming. I love how great hugs feel too! Also, I enjoy visuals and really appreciate looking at colors and art. In my next post, I will elaborate a bit more on my perspective of each.

So, in conclusion, I love coffee (and if given the option, iced coffee is my favorite!) If you’re doing what I’m doing and reading this while drinking your coffee, then cheers! Cheers to coffee and anosmia! Two of my favorite topics to talk about.

I’ll turn this conversation back to you now. Do you also enjoy coffee even though you can’t smell? What about teas and carbonated drinks? I like these two other options but will prefer coffee over both. Let me know in the post’s comments below.

With Love,

The Girl Who Can’t Smell

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13 thoughts on “Anosmia and Coffee”

  1. I lost my sense of smell a year ago. The doctor thinks it was a viral infection. I’m doing the retraining program, but I’m not very optimistic about it. I used to sell loose leaf tea years ago and I adored the aroma of the herbal teas, even more than the tastes. Now, I try to focus on the tastes, but that sense has also been affected. I think I tend to go to the spicy flavors, spiced Chai is my favorite. I’ve never been a coffee drinker and I am supposed to avoid caffeine anyway. Thank you for blogging about anosmia. I feel less alone to know there are others out there. I do wish there was a one syllable description, like blind, deaf, mute. Everyone assumes I misspell or mispronounce insomnia. Can we create one?

    1. Girl Who Cant Smell

      Hi Kim! My heart goes out to you as you adjust to anosmia and the new lifestyle that comes with it. I hope you remain positive. I’m glad you’ve found my blog! I used to think I was the only person in the world who couldn’t smell and it was so isolating! I decided to write about what it’s like to have no sense of smell because it really is important for others to know this invisible disability exists and to relate and connect with others with this same condition. It’s been amazing! You know what’s funny? I just had someone else tell me about how insomnia/anosmia is so often confused. I think it’s time to make it a meme. *big hug to you* Thank you for reading!

  2. I’m so glad I found your blog, because when I lost my sense of smell more than a year ago because of a concussion, I felt very lonely after the first shock. Anosmia, as we all know, is not visible and it is good to know that there are more anosmics out there trying to master their lives with one sense less.
    I used to love coffee, but now it’s just bitter, hot water for me. If I add a little sugar, it’s just sweet, hot water. Drinking coffee is not really a pleasure anymore but I still drink it daily because of the effect and to warm my hands and stomach in winter with a warm cup. Fortunately, there are many other things in life that we still enjoy and that have nothing to do with eating or drinking!

    1. Girl Who Cant Smell

      Hi Conny! Anosmia can be an isolating disability. It’s so rare and unheard of it can make you feel as though you’re the only one who has it. I know the feeling! I like your attitude about still making an effort to enjoy what we can in life. I’m glad you found my blog! *big hug*

  3. Maybe we should create a FB group where we could share about living with anosmia? Would anyone be interested?

    1. Girl Who Cant Smell

      I have one where it’s “Girls with Anosmia” on FB. You’re more than welcome to join ❤️

  4. Great post! Your overload of coffee with all those cups is hilarious. Without smelling the aroma, I like coffee to either wake me up or keep me awake but I love tea more -even though I could barely taste either!

  5. Great post! Your 7 cups of coffee story is crazy! Without the smell of the aroma, I like coffee to wake me up and keep me alert but I love tea more- even thought I could barely taste either!

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