An Anosmia Laundry Dilemma

An Anosmia Laundry Dilemma

What Happens When You Can’t Smell and Are In Charge of Doing Laundry?

So just recently, I had an anosmia laundry problem. Ugh! Honestly, not being able to tell if something is dirty, can be so frustrating sometimes. Because I can’t smell, if there’s one sliver of doubt something is stinky, I swear it’ll automatically get thrown in the washer. I don’t know how many times I’ve unnecessarily washed my clothes because of my anosmia. I’m pretty sure laundry detergent companies love me LOL!

Wanna have a chuckle? I summed up my most recent anosmia laundry story below:

Anyways, Did you think these socks were dirty? I did! Send me your answer on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter! @girlwhocantsmell

With Love,
The Girl Who Cant Smell

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