What Are The Worst Jobs For People Who Can't Smell?

In my previous post, we discussed about the jobs/careers that would be the best options for us and it was a great topic so far. There were some really good suggestions and I really appreciated everyone’s input and comments. We held our heads high knowing we could become millionaires as maintenance workers and suffer no competition in shoe sales. We could also hold a monopoly on dog grooming services and could live large in the Caribbean, albeit stinking like fish but laughing all the way to the bank!!! So, after feeding our egos a bit, let’s take it down a notch and explore the jobs we should question a bit. So, for part two of this series, I will go ahead and comment on the jobs/careers that would be more of a challenge for us. I say challenge, because we can still do them! (and do them well), but we have some little more obstacles to face and will definitely need the assistance of our friends the “olfies.” No worries though! This is how our crew gets it done!

Anyways, let’s have a little fun and talk about my first choice on the list. Drum roll please…….You ready???…Can you take a guess???? Okay, well first on the list is: 


1. Fire Fighter

refighters are hot. Both literally and figuratively, as my sister would say haha! They are some of the bravest people out there. They live in communal space, cook their own meals, play cards, slide down poles and are really friendly. Of course they are! They love to help people. Now this describes a lot of us anosmics anyways, but the fact of the matter is that we wouldn’t be able to detect an impending gas leak, or a distant fire burning, although we would still be able to save a cat from a tall tree.

2. Perfume Salesman

Number two on the list is a no brainer: Perfume salesman. Would you know how to sell your product even though you wouldn’t know anything about it? Imagine this scenario:
ME: “Oh, hello ma’m!” “Would you like to try our newest perfume by Nikki Minaj?”
85 YEAR OLD WOMAN: “Nikki what?”
ME: “I heard it gives you courage to dance in a provocative way.”
85 YEAR OLD WOMAN: “No, give me the Chanel No. 5 please.”


3. Florist

My third choice is Florist. Flowers are so beautiful and if they smell like they look, what a wonderful thing! But, how would I know if a customer wants a fruity smell or more of a vanilla one? I could probably google it on my phone, but why? Not for me…

4. Food Handler

Next up is Food handler. “MMMMMMmmm, food.” Food is awesome but food is always a walk on the wild side. It is a ticking time bomb for us. It’s like a two-faced friend. On one side, it entices with its delicious aromas and comforts the heart, but after a while, just like a scorned friend after you haven’t liked or commented on their newest selfie, it turns on you and starts to stink. Yes, exactly like that. So, food wouldn’t be our strongest industry.

5. Deodorant Researcher

Finally, last but not least on my list is Deodorant Researcher. Yes there is such a job. No, you should not apply for it. How could you even, what would you even write on your resume as your qualifications??? Its like saying you could tight rope across two of the highest buildings without the rope. Enough said.

What do you guys think? I love reading your comments!

With Love,
Girl Who Can’t Smell

P.S. If you want to know about the five best jobs for us click on the link below:

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2 thoughts on “5 Worst Jobs for Anosmics”

  1. I was a professional chef before losing my sense of smell to a TBI more than 25 years ago. I briefly got back to cooking shortly after the injury. The most terrifying part of the day was being early man in and firing up all the ranges etc, there was quite a rush when you turned on the gas and lit the match. No Boom? It’s gonna be a good day . . .

    1. OMG Mike!! I bet that was an adrenaline rush for sure!!! I read about another chef who also went through your experience. Most people would question your ability as a cook because they would probably ask, “If he can’t smell, than that means he can’t taste?” I can “taste” probably not to the extent regular olfies do but who knows???

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