What Are The Best Jobs For People With Anosmia? (Updated)


If you’ve ever told anyone you can’t smell, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “Oh, you’re so lucky you can’t smell.” Some of us may roll our eyes at this response, but it’s a great opportunity to examine why most people say this. Have you ever stopped to think when anosmia can be beneficial? Would there be certain jobs where having no sense of smell can help you succeed? You know The “Girl Who Can’t Smell” is an eternal optimist and I WILL SAY YES to this question. But what kind of jobs? Keep reading to find out. I’ll be reviewing some of the best career options at your disposal if you live without your sense of smell..

This post is regarding the best jobs for people who can’t smell. To read up on the worst jobs for anosmics click here.

In my opinion, some of the best jobs for anosmics are:

  • Garbage Collector
  • Custodian/Janitor
  • Pig Farmer
  • Dog Groomer
  • Shoe Salesman

Ahem, allow me to explain.

Anosmia Job Option #1: Garbage Collector

Congratulations! If you guessed that I would rank garbage collector as the number one choice on my list, you are absolutely correct! Let’s be real for a minute. Our anosmia makes picking up trash a piece of cake. The truth is, this job was MADE for someone who can’t smell!

…Would carrying an entire bag full of dirty diapers bother me? Nope. How about reaching into bins full of enormous amounts of expired food? Nope.

As an anosmic, I have no clue what bad smells smell like. I’m exposed to bad smells every day and don’t even know it. I’ll boast I have a lot of experience with handling trash, since I take care of the garbage collecting duties at home (I remember the first time I told my family I couldn’t smell, I automatically inherited this chore), so why not expand this responsibility and GET PAID to do it?

Now I know that in some cultures, there’s a certain stigma attached to this job. BUT it’s not entirely because trash stinks… it’s mainly because people’s attitudes do. Being brave is a major requirement for this occupation. It’s a dangerous job (do you think you’d be the only living thing hanging out around trash?). Don’t let anything deter you. Combine your bravery plus your anosmia superpower and voila! You’re the perfect waste management warrior. 

Anosmia Job Option #2: Custodian/Janitor

A similar occupation, but a career all on its own, is custodian/janitor. Maintaining the cleanliness of a building or outdoor facility is a huge responsibility. I’ve witnessed folks complain so many times about how littered and awful some places smell (buildings and music festivals  to name a few) that they question if anyone has the human willpower to clean it all up. If a building faces the smelliest of disasters (think: backed up sewage pipe) who do you think would be the best person for the job???? Uhm, an awesome anosmic, that’s who!!!

If I’d launch myself into this career, I don’t even think I would tell my boss about my condition. I’d use my anosmia as my secret weapon in order to outperform every one of my work colleagues and rake in the dough. Think about the following scenario:

BOSS: “Yazz, you’re getting another bonus. I can’t believe you were able to clean up our latest disaster of a mess without flinching! I mean our last worker walked out and almost passed out because of the stench. But YOU, you stuck around like a true champ!”  

ME: “Another bonus? Yay? Thank you!”

BOSS: “You deserve it. I honestly don’t even know how you do it.”

ME: (laughing inside) “I do!”


See what I mean?

Anosmia Job Option #3: Pig Farmer

Now who wants to be a part of that good ol’ country living? After visiting Texas and seeing how many farms are down here, it made me think about career options outside of living in a city. If you have a non-working nose, you may find that you could be living your best life working as a pig farmer. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Farmers earned an average $33.66 per hour or $70,010 per year as of May 2011. It may also rise above $53.92 per hour or $112,150 per year. That’s a pretty decent salary if you ask me. I’d also add that (and I know you know where I’m going with this) pig farming sounds like I’d be bringing home the bacon.

Anosmia Job Option #4: Dog Groomer

Which brings me to my next opportunity. Apparently, it’s not just pigs that stink! Some of the stinkiest animals are nonetheless… man’s best friend. I guess a dog’s smell can get so bad that it makes regular smelling folks avoid the task of sudsing up their foul-smelling Fido and they prefer dropping them off at a dog spa to get cleaned up. Ever hear olfies complain about “wet dog” smell? Yeah, I think you’d be passing up on another great opportunity if you didn’t consider working as a groomer.

Can you imagine being cuddled by dogs and receiving doggie kissies all day? Ugh, this doesn’t sound bad at all. Take it from me, if you can’t smell… THIS, would be an awesome career for a dog loving anosmic.

Anosmia Job Option #5: Shoe Salesman

Speaking of other living things that reek, we’ve all heard how bad people’s feet can stink. I’ve written about my own smelly feet, and you can correctly assume that my own stink doesn’t disturb me. It actually likes to run wild and affect everyone else. Anyways, after seeing first-hand how people react to smelly feet, I’m going to say my next choice for an awesome career is in shoe sales. Yes, anosmics can be splendid shoe salesmen.

You ever go into a sneaker store and observe the sales associates? From what I’ve seen, they’re usually upbeat, smiling, and polite. But every now and then, you’ll see they’re NOT smiling. What could possibly make a happy go lucky shoe salesman’s bright smile turn suddenly upside down? Well, I’ll tell you. A teenager going through puberty with rancid cheese as feet. Once the associate helps a teen find a new pair of sneakers to try on, and that stench reaches the associate’s face. It’s game over for them. Yeah, you know you shouldn’t be laughing right now, but you’re feeling pretty lucky, right?

 What do you think? Has your lack of sense of smell benefited you at work? Let me know. You can always contact me via email: girlwhocantsmell@girlwhocantsmell.com or on InstagramFacebookTwitter.

Also, remember to read part 2 explaining the worst jobs for anosmics…

With Love,

The Girl Who Can’t Smell

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 “How Much Do Farmers Make A Year?” By Aurelio Locsin https://work.chron.com/much-farmers-make-year-5504.html A


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    1. haha thats so true! I tried wine tasting and I couldn’t appreciate the smells or aromas, but I appreciated the festive effects hahah

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