23 Strange Signs That Indicate Your Friend Can’t Smell That You Never Even Noticed Until Now.

It’s called anosmia and it’s a real thing.

Written By: The Girl Who Can’t Smell

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1. You’ve never heard of or seen your anosmic friend visiting the perfume section at department stores.

2. They’re always the last ones to react after someone farts next to both of you.

3. They’ve asked you to smell their clothes for them. A lot.

4. You don’t understand how they can be dating someone whose notorious for having smelly feet.

5. They’ve never complained about you burning the microwave popcorn during a movie night.
6. You can always count on them having breath mints.

7. They looked really upset after you gave them a candle set for Christmas.

Girl Who Cant Smell Angry

8. They’re unbothered by how bad you smell after hot yoga.

9. You’ll never hear them complimenting your expensive, new shampoo (They’ll only mention how fabulous your hair looks).

10. If someone points out something smells weird, they’ll automatically ask if it’s them.

11. They never go to any of your Scentsy or Essential Oils parties.

12. You asked them what their favorite smell is, and they subtly changed the subject.

13. They seriously giggled after seeing you smell an old book at the library.

14. You’ve had to warn them more than once their place smells like gas.

15. If they receive flowers, they won’t ever sniff them first.

16. They heated up their salmon in the microwave at work once and you couldn’t understand why they did that in the first place.

17. They may complain about eating food that was “off” and having stomach issues more versus anyone else you know.

18. They may get annoyed every time you start describing how good something smells.

19. You noticed they carry around a full size bottle of mouthwash and 3 sticks of deodorant inside their Mary-Poppins-sized handbag

20. They can pick up dog poop with no problem.

Girl Who Cant Smell Poop

21. You may notice they may take a shower up to three times daily during summer.

22. They add lots of salt and spices to their meals.

23. You pranked them with a stink bomb on April Fool’s Day and there’s been no mention of it. Ever.

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