2020 How It Started Meme Anosmia Version

2020 How It Started Meme Anosmia Version

Those of us who had anosmia before Covid know life without smell.

…Because it is an invisible condition, it had often been overlooked, mostly by our friends and family. Even our doctors didn’t seem to know or provide us with much info on the condition.

But now, because of Covid, things have shifted. Anosmia awareness is at an all time high. It’s constantly being mentioned in the news and online. Which is a huge boost in terms of awareness. People finally automatically know what anosmia means!

Interestingly though, many people are only associating it with Covid, which might garner frightened reactions in some. I experienced this recently, and I must say it was an excellent opportunity to reassure and educate my friend who needed help with the full picture.

Also, don’t get me wrong, I very much empathize with everyone experiencing smell loss due to Covid. This is just a unique observation that many congenital anosmics & acquired anosmics pre- pandemic have been noticing. Covid is unfortunate and wish everyone a resilient and prompt recovery.

As a pre-pandemic anosmic, has this meme example happened to you too? Let me know on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter! @girlwhocantsmell

With Love,
The Girl Who Cant Smell

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