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What's it like to live without a sense of smell? Find out here. If you also can't smell, have any of these situations happened to you?

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My name is Yazz aka Girl Who Can’t Smell. Anosmia (the inability to smell) has been an often-overlooked condition. Whether you have anosmia or know someone who can’t smell, my website offers a fun way of connecting and raising awareness.

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My goal is for all of us to feel empowered and supported in our anosmia journeys.  Click on “Get To Know Me” if you have any questions or would like to say hello.

Nutrichef induction cooktop review Anosmia

Nutrichef Double Induction Cooktop Review

Nutrichef Double Induction Cooktop Review As an Amazon Affilliate Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Last week, I received a message from my fellow anosmic

Girl Who Cant Smell Paqui One Chip Challenge Anosmia taste test website

Paqui One Chip Challenge

I Try The Paqui One Chip Challenge!  As a super mega fan of all things spicy food and snacks, I KNEW I just had to

Normosmic versus anosmic

Normosmics Vs Anosmics

My New Short Video Is Available Now! The differences between how people who can smell (normosmics) versus those of us who can’t smell (anosmics) are

hummingbirds can smell

Hummingbirds Can Smell

Breaking News! Guess what everyone? Well, it turns out, the previously held belief that hummingbirds have no sense of smell, has now been debunked by

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