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Anosmia (the lack of sense of smell) has been an often-overlooked condition. Whether you have anosmia or know someone who can’t smell, my website offers a fun way of raising awareness. My goal is for all anosmics to feel empowered and supported in their anosmia journey. If you have any questions or would like to say hello:

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Who Is The Girl Who Cant Smell Anosmia Homepage

What You’ll Find Here

Anosmia Stories +Articles

What’s it like living without a sense of smell? I’ll tell you here. If you can’t smell either, can you relate?

Tips For Living With Anosmia

I’ve made a lot of smell mistakes in my life. Learn what you can do to help you stay safe and smell fresh.

Product Recommendations

What are the best products for those of us who can’t smell? I’ve reviewed some great items you should use too!

Anosmia Themed Merch

Do your friends and family forget you can’t smell? Would you like to remind them? Or do you want to represent and share your anosmia story? Sounds like you need to visit my shop! Find  unique merch as unique as our condition here.

Fun Extras

As Soon As I Tell Someone I Can't Smell
Anosmia Webcomic
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Anosmia Podcast
How To Help Someone Who Can't Smell Anosmia Tips Youtube Pic
Anosmia Stickers

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