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Hi! I'm
The Girl Who Cant Smell

I’m so glad you’re here! My mission is to share what life  without a sense of smell (aka anosmia) is all about. Thank you for visiting! I hope you enjoy my funny posts and everything in between. If you have any questions or would like to say hello:

Email me at [email protected]

With Love,

Girl Who Can’t Smell

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My Anosmia Stories and Articles

What's It Like To Have No Sense of Smell?

How I found out I cant smell anything
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What I learned after telling my doctor and mother I cant smell
Would You Expect This?
Anosmia and How I Almost Burned Down My Apartment
A Real Lit Story
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“Thank you for this blog, put together really well. Lots of useful tips for me and, more importantly, great to know there is support out there!”-Twitter User Carole

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“I just found you and your website.You totally made my day! I’m anosmic since birth (61 years ago today, actually). Your cartoons and memes are fabulous!” -Reddit User GailJo

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